Call For Plans & Ideas on Blight Removal and Remediation:

Commissioned September 27, 2013, the Blight Task Force was tasked with developing a straightforward and detailed implementation plan to take down every residential and commercial building as well as clear vacant land that is blighted and/or not reasonably economically viable in the city of Detroit in as fast a timeframe as
possible. The goal of the plan is to dramatically improve the safety of both citizens living near blight and first responders while substantially increasing opportunities for future use of the land in the impacted neighborhoods. The plan will be developed using an environmentally conscious approach. 

In Detroit, there are an estimated 78,000 abandoned building and 91,000 vacant lots. To address blight in Detroit, it will require a coordinated community response with "all hands on deck" to remove and remediate blight. The Blight Task Force is seeking information about existing or new plans or ideas to eliminate or remediate blight in residential, commercial and industrial areas.

This Call for Plans or Ideas is a product of  necessity. The Blight Task Force is seeking any viable solutions to blight in Detroit. The Blight Task Force recognizes that there are numerous people, resident associations, community and nonprofit organizations, government agencies and companies that are working to eliminate and remediated blight properties and land at small and large scales. The Blight Task Force wants to know what is being considered and done so that it can be included in its plan
to make Detroit a blight free city.

This Call for Plans and Ideas seeks to:

• Gather and invite a wide-range of community input for the purpose of collectively resolving Detroit’s blight issues;
• Acknowledge and include existing work to address blight into the city-wide blight removal plan.
• Solicit the most comprehensive, creative, practical and cost-efficient plans and ideas to effectively confront blight challenges in the City of Detroit.
• Identify existing plans that identify blighted properties and have a set of realistic recommendations to address blight or revitalize properties.
• Solicit information or recommendations regarding policies or practices that can be enacted to prevent or remediate blight or that exacerbates blight in the city.

Those who are invited to submit:

• Local Community Members
• Local Businesses
• Community Stakeholders
• Governmental Agencies
• Researchers, Universities or Think Tanks
• Individuals who have experience, interests, etc., in blight removal, reduction or

• Safety Plans (that take into consideration blighted structures and areas)
• Beautification Plans (that include reclaiming vacant property and lots via community gardens, parks, community clean-ups, murals, etc.)
• Community Revitalization Plans (that include efforts to reclaim and repurpose properties and land for economic or community value)
• Blight Remediation Plans
• Plans from other municipalities through out the US and abroad that address blighted structures and areas that have implications for Detroit.

Submissions can include:
• Existing plans or reports that have already been prepared or created
• New plans or ideas. Describe the overall approach to blight removal, reduction, remediation, etc., including proposed programs or implementation strategies, and the impact your approach will have.

• Please note that this Call for Plans and Ideas is not a request for proposals or a bidding process for any paid work related to blight removal or remediation.

All submissions can be sent to